Tuesday, 19 April 2011

London Book Fair 2011, with bonus promotion for Erin Morgenstern’s THE NIGHT CIRCUS

I have two excellent excuses for not blogging. Firstly, I have an internship at a publisher in central London. This is both exhausting and awesome. I come home and talk excitedly! with exclamation marks! about cool stuff I did today! And secondly, I went to the London Book Fair. I could try to sound chilled out here but I’ve been dying to go to the London Book Fair for freaking ever. Basically my life is complete.

You may be wondering what people actually do at the London Book Fair. In my case, I spent the whole time stalking Erin Morgenstern’s upcoming novel THE NIGHT CIRCUS. And here is the epic illustrated tale.

It's the morning of the London Book Fair. I register online and print out my pass so I can bring it with me.

I exit Earls Court tube station via the Earls Court exit, only to discover that the Earls Court convention centre is in fact via the other exit. Thanks to Google Map, I finally get to the Earls Court convention centre where the fair is being held. It is very shiny in the sun. There are lots of big London Book Fair posters (and more sun).

I lurk hopefully at the Random House booth, where a nice person gives me THE NIGHT CIRCUS swag! It is a glossy leaflet with a beautiful cover. Inside there is some cool text and some more cool text. And what is that on the back cover? It's the UK cover of THE NIGHT CIRCUS! (Also a six-foot-high poster inside the Random House booth, which I would also have snapped except I was afraid of being thrown out for trespassing.)

But the awesomeness is not finished. I stake out the Random House booth until 5pm. And then THE CIRCUS HAPPENS. There is a cute circus lady juggling what appear to be glass balls. There is a very distracting contortionist. There is a circus gentleman with a megaphone! Telling us all about Le Cirque des RĂªves! And just to put a feather in our cap of joy, HERE IS THE VIDEO I TAKE ON MY IPHONE.

If you too are intrigued by the pretty, you can preorder THE NIGHT CIRCUS. :D