Friday, 30 October 2009

ironbane, or: what's your nanowrimo?

I'm gearing up to resume my stalled-at-30k epic fantasy for Nanowrimo. Say hello to IRONBANE.

Cranky fortysomething fugitive Anjen is better known as Ironbane: the war legend who took out the evil Winter Queen but left scorched earth, slaughtered generations and a trail of destruction behind her. She's lost her friends, her rank and her magic as punishment for war crimes, and she’s fleeing legions of vengeful enemies. So she desperately needs to stay undercover as a nobody - especially after the charming Summer blackmails her (with a smile) into helping him hunt and execute Ironbane.

Then she accidentally pitches herself and two hundred innocent people into a hopeless battle only Ironbane can get them out of.

If she’s to save her people, Anjen must unleash her inner Ironbane and face everything she fled. Starting with the enemies hunting her. And ending with the toxic magical prison built to hold her, where her nemesis the Winter Queen will rise from the dead.

Ironbane - traitor, butcher and professional villain - is back.

What's your Nanowrimo novel?


  1. That's ridiculously intriguing. Awesome!!

    I'm not doing NaNo, but I am ReWriMo'ing After Cameron. :)

  2. Fantastic! The AFTER CAMERON snippets I've read have been brilliant. I really admire your writing. :)

  3. This sounds awesome Para--it reads like something off a back cover! Good luck with Nano :D

  4. Sounds fantastic, Sirayn! After THE INFERNAL FAMILY, can't be anything but. ;)

  5. WOW, that sounds amazing :)
    I'm doing, 'finishcurrentwip' for Nano.
    I'm 10K in, I want to finish another 30/40 for Nano.

  6. I'm having a very enthusiastic first day of Nanowrimo. So enthusiastic in fact, that I dragged myself out of bed at 5 AM to make a start. Now I've done 4 hours and 5000 words, and have written more than planned for every scene, and added some more scenes. And I'm loving it. My personal best is 6000 words in one day. I plan to set a new one today.

    Anywho, that wasn't the question. My Nanowrimo is a low fantasy (as opposed to high fantasy) about a man named Basil and a woman named Jasmine (notice the herb naming convention) who find themselves in the midst of a war. Over the course of the novel, they switch their alleigences a number of times, as they discover the hidden motives of each side. They make friends and enemies on both sides, until the war culminates in a final confrontation, where they must choose where their loyalties lie, and if in fact their loyalties are the same.

    It sounds like we've both got grey heroes, rather than plain good vs evil. I like that.