Tuesday, 5 January 2010

is she really 40?

When I first posted a teaser for my epic fantasy IRONBANE, describing the protagonist as a “forty-something war criminal with a walking stick and a master plan”, the scarily gifted Angie asked in the comments: “Is she really 40?”

Hell yes, she’s forty. And crippled. And a drunk and a murderer and a figure of terror.

Epic fantasy loves its Rand al’Thors: its heroic, good-looking young men with big swords, bigger magic and mysterious royal heritage. IRONBANE has one of those, and he’s pretty to look at. But that short, dumpy woman who can’t walk without a stick? That’s Ironbane, the Queenkiller, the victor of the War of the Two Terrors. She’s snarky. She’s ruthless. She’s notorious for conquering half the setting and killing the Winter Queen and getting exiled in disgrace. Her idea of a cover story is to impersonate her dead nemesis.

And she doesn’t want redemption.

I’m crazy in love. :)


  1. Please get this one published. I'm so tired of the darig young daredevils and the lovable rogues and the lame farmboys.

  2. Thank you both! I'll have a crack at selling IRONBANE, but sadly, I know epic fantasy is deader than the dinosaur. (That will be my excuse when it fails to sell - there surely can't be anything wrong with my writing! :) )

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